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New Priority Drill Targets Defined as Adamera Models VTEM Data

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Vancouver, British Columbia, March 1, 2017 - Adamera Minerals Corp. (TSX-V: ADZ) reports that modeling of high priority VTEM electromagnetic (EM) anomalies in the Cooke Mountain Project in Washington State is progressing well. The first cluster of modeled anomalies defined by the survey, namely CM-SE-1, CM-SE- 2 and CM-SE-6 are described below. Other VTEM anomaly clusters, including those with coincident geochemical anomalies, will be described in upcoming news releases as modeling is completed.

Mark Kolebaba President and CEO of Adamera Minerals Corp. states "These targets have what we are looking for, displaying characteristics that match the model for regional gold mineralization Adamera has developed over the past two years. The anomalies occur along untested structures similar to those intimately associated with gold deposits in the Cook Mountain region. They, exhibit compelling EM response, in several cases at a scale equal to or greater than EM anomalies generated by historic gold deposits in the camp. These targets need to be drill tested as soon as possible. We are pushing forward on several fronts to make that happen."

The CM-SE-1 target exhibits high conductivity levels similar to that of the Key West Gold deposit located in the Cooke Mountain project. The lower conductivity levels of CM-SE-2 and CM-SE-6 targets are comparable to the conductivity of the ~500,000 oz Overlook deposit also located within the Cooke Mountain project. Below is a brief description of the modeled targets for this cluster.

CM-SE-1 is a strongly conductive target with a coincident high amplitude magnetic anomaly located along a major structure. It is a shallow target with estimated depth of 30 to 70m and modeled dimensions of approximately 250m x150 m x 18m.

CM-SE-2 is an EM anomaly located in a magnetically active area. It appears to be caused by multiple conductors at an estimated depth of 100 metres. The modeled dimensions are approximately 1000 metres x 350 metres.

CM-SE-6 is a conductor located along a prominent structure within a magnetically active area. Modeling of this anomaly has produced a flat lying plate measuring 663 metres x 384 metres at an estimated depth of 300 metres.

"The conductivities of these targets are in the range of those produced from modeling the known deposits in the area, suggesting a good probability of sulfide sources." comments Martin St. Pierre, professional geophysicist interpreting the VTEM EM data.

A plan view and modeled cross section of each of the targets in this cluster is shown below.

EM and magnetic response for targets. Target model shown in profile.

Prior to modeling individual anomalies, the magnetics and VTEM data over the survey areas was evaluated. At least 10 high priority VTEM EM anomalies have been selected for modeling. The magnetic data indicates a consistent geological domain supporting the prospectivety of the entire survey areas. Modeling of additional VTEM anomalies is on going. New targets will be released as they are completed.

Martin St. Pierre P.Geoph, a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 is interpreting the geophysical data from Geotech Ltd.

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Adamera Minerals Corp. is exploring for high-grade gold deposits within hauling distance of the operating Kettle River Mill in Northeastern Washington State. While management feels the existing third-party mill and superior logistics allow a smaller resource to be potentially economic, Adamera's primary goal is the discovery of a large stand-alone high grade gold resource. Adamera is the dominant exploration company in the area.

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